Entry #1

The Peggey Song!

2007-07-23 22:12:17 by LeekClock

I was so taken aback to see 50 comments on my Peggey Song - something positively unheard of for me as a 'musician' on the ng audio portal! Before this success, my personal record was a whopping TWO comments.

Luckily for me, my #1 spot in the Audio Portal this week coincided with the NG redesign, which generated a lot of new interest in the audio portal and therefore a lot of exposure for my work.

Of course, it wasn't all positive feedback or even constructive criticism - a lot of it was just abusive. But I can understand why a lot of people disliked my track, or simply didn't get it. It starts off very discordantly and with a distinct lack of rhythm. This was intended, but I think a lot of people either didn't understand this intent, or did not appreciate the artistic merit of contrasting this discordant introduction with the relative harmony of the exposition.

Anyway, I'm totally stoked about the new Audio Portal. RupeeClock even pointed out that Tom Fulp faved my Peggey Song track, which was very encouraging!

I'm thinking about entering the Castle Crashers music contest. I have some great ideas for a track - it remains to be seen as to whether I have the proficiency with Propellorheads Reason (music software) to realise my creative vision for the piece.



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2007-07-24 10:18:53

You go girl!

LeekClock responds:

[delete] [ban user]


2007-07-26 05:54:46

I loved your take on the Peggey Song, especially when the drum and bass started to kick in on the second half. Congratulations on its deserved success :)

You're a shoo-in for the CC contest, but good luck anyway.


2007-08-06 15:50:10

That's super awesome!